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Our ecological fuel briquettes are made from the renewable natural sources, in particular, from the wood chips and sawdust of coniferous and deciduous trees as well as sunflower husks.

Global demand for ecological briquettes has been booming for years and it is becoming increasingly apparent, that it will be stronger in future. Fuel briquettes are almost ideal kind of biological fuel. It made from pre-dried pure sawdust pressed under high pressure and high temperature and binding without any chemical additives. Briquettes are sintered by lignin, which is contained in biomass and which in the process is excreted from it. After finishing the working process, briquettes are cooled off and packed. In European households this “fuel of future” is universally accepted as the most ecologically clean and cheap kind of fuel with the following unique characteristics:

  • Hermetically packaging allows them to store in the unsuitable storage spaces. Because of their specific weight is 1250 kg/m3, (which is 2,5 times more than specific mass of wood), they require considerably less storage space. They also are easily handled.
  • Due to high specific weight have a high calorific value. It is about 4800 kcal/kg. For example, depending on sorts coal has 4500-5300 kcal/kg, wood - 1900-2000 kcal/kg.
  • When briquettes are burning, they give the constant high flames all the time during 1-1,5 hours till total burning down. In smoldering mode the high-quality briquettes can burn for several hours.
  • Residual quantity of ash after burning is not more than 1% whereas coal has 30-40 %, wood – 8-15 %. The modern boilers burning briquettes must be cleaned only once every year. The ash is considered as an ecologically pure fertilizer.
  • One of the greatest advantages of briquettes is not to create a product of combustion - carbon monoxide (CO2) emission, which does not affect the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Emission of sulfur is only 0.032 %, what is not regarded as air pollution. In terms of hygiene briquettes are the perfectly pure product. After heat processing of biomass during the production process they are free from different pests (fungus, microbes, etc.). This fuel does not cause the allergic reaction even at asthmatics.
  • Briquettes the pure product in public health terms. After the thermal treatment of biomass in the production process, it turns out "dead" product for the parasites (fungi, microbes, etc.) This fuel does not cause allergic reactions, even in asthmatics.
  • Briquettes do not require the expensive upgrading furnaces and boilers such as, for example, natural gas or heating oil. They are the excellent alternative for solid fuel boilers with a weak natural draft. This fuel does not sizzle and not produce sparks, when it is burning.

Fuel briquettes have a broad range of use both in heating in family houses as well as in manufacturing premises (where stoves, ovens, low and in large capacity boilers use) and also at the barbeque toasting and grilling on the grills outdoor.



without DPH

including DPH

Price briquette up to 1.5 tonnes

4,50 CZK/kg

4,95 CZK/kg

Price briquette up to 3,5 tonnes

4,40 CZK/kg

4,84 CZK/kg

Price briquette over 3,5 tonnes

4,30 CZK/kg

4,73 CZK/kg